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Published on October 30, 2008 By ShadowGryphon In Humor

I am a big fan of Tats and piercings, but I have recently noticed something rather disturbing.

Is it just me or does a clitoral ring look like the grip of a zipper ?

Perhaps it's just my deranged view fo the world but everytime I see one I just want to reach up and zip it shut heh heh heh

I will say this, however, it DOES make for some interesting eyecandy, as well as a damned good marker for the clueless males amoung us who have no idea where to apply a tongue lashing >=-) [get it ? tongue lashing ? LMSFAO!] ( I, however, am NOT one of those poor clueless bastards heh heh heh)

Now.. on to the Prince Albert piercing..........




Guys it's a simple rule....... DO NOT ABUSE THE WEDDING TACKLE!

Unless you have aspirations of being a freaking PULL TOY, leave your boys alone.

Any guy who does this should turn in his Man Card and renounce all claims to manhood.

FFS! the majority of hetero men bitch about women metaphorically leading them around by the cock, don't making it fucking LITERAL!

Yes yes I know, what I've just stated is something of a double standard, but fellas, in all reality, a nude woman is much more pleasant to look at than a nude man (naked men just look funny as hell) and adding a leash attachment to your joint doesn't help matters, besides, do you really want to have to explain it at the airport metal detector ? heh heh heh

The Gryph has spoken.

on Oct 30, 2008

zipper! I never thought of it like that, good point!